Friday, September 18, 2009

Giveaway WINNERS!!!!

Ok, so my sister-in-law Lisa was here this weekend and helped me pick the winners (in a really hi-tech way!) of my first blog giveaway. Here are the winners in the order they were chosen- thanks everyone for playing along!!!! We'll do another giveaway on my 100th RECIPE post so stay tuned!
And the winners are....

OK, so if you are a lucky winner, be checking for an email from me for the locals, so I can drop something off, and for my out-of-town winner, be looking in the mail!


TZel said...

Hello! I am so glad to have won and am looking forward to seeing what our prize is! Thank you
I wonder how I can contact you to give you my address? Please email me at bridgestranslation (at) yahoo (dot) com

ccdean said...

I am so excited to have won. It is not often I win anything so THANK YOU. Maybe we can have a playdate with the girls when you drop off the prize.
See you soon!

CC said...


ccdean said...

I got the cookies today. Sorry I missed you when you came by, I was at bible study. Can't wait to eat the tasty treats after dinner...if I can wait that long.
Thank You!

CC said...

Thanks Miss Healthy and Easy Recipes for the delicious cookies...I was headed out for a girls sleepover and was able to share the tasty treats with my friends. They were gobbled up and enjoyed to the very last crumb by some appreciative girls. What a fun surprise, and delicious treat.
Love you!

The Ryska Family said...

YES! it feels so good to win. thanks for providing us such a fun blog to read.