Friday, May 21, 2010

Homemade Waffles

OK folks, sorry about the serious delay in posting recipes.... I realize I have been M.I.A. for the last few months- but I have good reason. I have been eating things lately that most normal people wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole... things like lemon yogurt, pickles, bean burritos, apples, and eggs, tons of eggs... because this is how I eat when I am pregnant. I have the worst morning/all day sickness again with this baby (#2)--- I don't even want to cook, I don't want to eat, I don't even want to think about food--- which doesn't go well with trying to keep up with a blog centered all around food! But I am entering into week 15 and hoping the sickness is coming to an end (with my daughter is tapered off around week 16.... maybe one more week to go!!!!) So here are a few little things I have managed to make in the past 3 months.... just little recipes & ideas until I get my cooking apron back out during the week :)

Homemade Waffles
2 eggs
2 cups flour
1 3/4 cup milk
1/4 cup oil or butter
1 TBSP sugar
4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/4 tsp. salt

* I use 2/3 cup brown rice flour and 1/3 cup coconut flour and Kerrygold butter to be more specific! You can also double the batch and freeze the other half for a quick breakfast later on in the week.

Directions: Super simple, pour everything into a bowl, whisk until all the clumps are gone, and pour into a HOT (and oiled/sprayed) waffle iron. Serve with a side of fresh fruit, real  Grade B maple syrup, or caramelized apples (recipe coming soon!) ** Made about 10 waffles in my grill (which you can freeze or refrigerate and toast for later!)


Krissa said...

I knew it!!! I was going to ask, but then didn't want to pry...but when you hadn't been posting for so long I started wondering if it was because you were prego! Congrats! :)

Mama G said...

Hey! Congrats on being pregnant! I hope you feel better soon because I miss your recipes!

jonathan & kristen whitmore said...

glad you're back and really hope week 16 is good to you!!

Sumner family said...

Yay! Whenever I'm in the mood to try some new recipes, I always come to your blog for ideas! Congratulations on being pregnant!! How exciting Annie! I'm sorry you were feeling so bad...I hope that part is over now and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Look forward to more updates from you! :)

Mahala said...

I'm so glad you are back your blog inspired me to start my own. I was sad when I thought you had stopped. Congrats on your news, I just found i'm pregnant again as well #4. Thanks for coming back.

The McCarty's said...

That was my guess too! I'm sooo super excited for you guys! Congratulations! :)