Sunday, May 22, 2011

U-Pick Fruit

Hey y'all... I haven't posted in a while.... a LONG while.... life has been busy with babies and pureed food, visiting family far away, and PICKING FRESH, LOCAL, RIPE, DELICIOUS FRUIT!!!!
Mother's Day 2011
Murray Farms
For Mother's Day this year, I asked to take a trip to our local u-pick farm, Murray Farms- all I wanted was to pick and EAT fresh, ripe, scrumptious fruit... so that's just what we did! So here's where I URGE you, especially if you have kids- find a local u-pick farm where you live, show your kids where produce REALLY comes from (not the grocery store! ha!) and let them get their little fingers on it straight from the bushes and trees- so much finger-licking fun to be had!

If you live locally, in the Kern County Area (or are passing through) I really encourage you to take a trip or stop on by Murray Farms.... they have just about everything you can imagine picking from blueberries, strawberries, cherries, peaches, plums, apricots, pluots, blackberries, and so much more! They offer a tractor ride to the fields, a pet zoo for the kids, clean bathrooms and buckets for picking your fruit, kid friendly carts to load up your diaper bags (and babies!) and buckets of fresh fruit! It costs $3 to pick and then the fruit is anywhere from $.99 - $2.99 per pound and on weekends they give you a pound for free plus fresh, hot pancakes to to enjoy your fresh fruit with! YUM!!! And that $3 admission gives you access to the petting zoo and the ant maze and fresh flower maze you can pick from.... so much good stuff in one spot- please go check it out, it's a great trip for young and old alike!!!
Our first trip was strawberries and blueberries, then we went back for more blueberries, and well, next week we are going for the peaches! Check it out and take a trip to your local U-Pick!

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