Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fresh Apple Spinach Juice

When I left for college, my mom gave me her old "Juice Man" juicer from Costco when she replaced hers with a more upscale one. I was happy to accept the gift :) I still have it, and from time to time I think about upgrading mine as well, but with 2 little kids in tow, I don't have as much time as I would like to juice, so my ol' faithful Juice Man still does the trick when I bust him out every blue moon!

Now, when making fresh juice (or smoothies for that matter), you should consume all of it within 8 hours to gain total health benefits. So, if you make a larger batch than what you can consume, freeze it in canning jars and take one out the night before you drink it. Fresh juice is best consumed in the morning when you wake, to be the first thing to go through your system and give you energy throughout the day. If you have a juice man or access to one, try this recipe out!

This has been one of my staple juices since college. I have always recommended this juice combo to people who tell me they (or their children) can't "go" and seem to be a little clogged up. (more on that topic below!) Whether that's you or not, this sweet treat & nutrient dense juice is a delicious option for a fruit & veggie combo that is sure to leave you feeling energetic and revitalized!

2-3 Granny Smith Apples
1 bunch spinach

Wash and slice your apples, rinse your spinach, and send it all through a juicer! Enjoy a nice fresh, frothy glass of homemade juice!

More Info on being "clogged up"...
For some reason, that is probably the most popular question or topic I have heard over the years, and for some reason people love to ask ME about it! I really think a steady diet of fruits and veggies with limited process food will make most systems pretty regular, but if not, here are some things you can try to combat the clog-ation :)
  • REAL Apple Juice: This is the easiest thing to do, I usually recommend this to people when they tell me their kid hasn't gone in a few days... now, when I say REAL apple juice, I don't mean Motts or some other see-thru brand, that's NOT real apple juice, it's made from concentrates and is very high in sugar, not to mention it doesn't contain any pectin and pectin is what gets things a' moving. If you get a fresh squeeze apple juice, one that's dark and almost cloudy or NOT see-thru, or better yet the apple spinach combo above, that will unclog things fairly quickly and effectively. Look for REAL Fresh Squeezed Apple Juice in the refrigerated isle, if it's not refrigerated, it's not real! (Check out Trader Joe's, theirs is delicious!)
  • Flax seed: This is a great thing to take daily if you are trying to regulate your insides. This will get you so regular, you will go like clockwork, first thing upon waking, it's that great. The fiber and roughage that flax seed packs is super for your pipes! Simply get flax seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder (or buy the pre-ground ones, but they don't have the same shelf life or "umpf" that the whole seeds have, but none the less, they still work) and mix them in an inch or two of Pineapple Juice. Pineapple juice has a certain enzyme that aides in digestion and works wonders when combined with the Flax. If you need a little more "umpf" add a TBSP of Aloe Vera Juice, and you'll really be moving! You can also add flax seeds to baby food (small amounts will do the trick) or to smoothies, see here for details.
  • Probiotics: These things are ESSENTIAL! If you are going to take any supplement, take PROBIOTICS!! The "PRO" meaning "good" and the "BIOTIC" meaning bacteria which means that you are introducing your digestive tract to ample "good bacteria" every time you take this suppliment. Not only that, but if your digestive tract can continue to stay in the "positive zone" with bacteria, you will be less likely to get sick or ill. Did you know that most diseases begin in the gut?? Good enough reason alone to be getting all the good bacteria you can into your gut to fight off the bad bacteria, right??? See Dr. Furhman's site for a great Probiotic, or check out Nature's Way for a super probiotic for babies and kids. Is your infant gassy or constipated?? Dip their pacifier in probiotic and help their tummy's regain a positive balance, it's completely safe for all ages.
  • And at the risk of sounding repetitive, if you or your kids don't empty your bowels at least once a day or if you have to strain (too graphic??? well, let's face the facts!) you need to increase your fruits, veggies, legumes, beans, nuts, and water intake and reduce your sugar & refined foods.... that's a quick fix as well!
**Hope that helps, and I am sure.... I won't be getting any comments on this post! HA!


Bed and Breakfast Brugge said...

Colorful Apple Juice . Great sharing

The Ryska Family said...

I totally remember you making that juice in college! I never did get any : ( With my sons issues with going to the bathroom, I think you've convinced me that I need a juicer. I better go hit up Craigslist. Also, the REAL apple juice info was helpful, can't believe I never thought of that before.

Turner Family said...

Yum! I made this the other day with my new $25 juicer I scored at Macy's (we shall see how long it lasts...not a very heavy duty one but it did the trick) We all loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Andrea said...

It is colorful apple juice.. B & B thanks for stopping by!

Kara, I am so sorry I never made you a cup of my special juice" I will have to whip you up a batch the next time you guys are passing thru! And Craigs List is a great place to find a juicer!!

Melissa, what a steal on your juicer!!! I am a sucker for a good deal, so thanks for sharing your fun find! Glad you all liked the juice!

Cheers to Apple Spinach Juice!

Biddle Family said...

hi, I love reading your blog.. I also have " bathroom issues"
am I ok to use any apple.. not green? and i have a vitamix.. can i just put whole flax seeds in the blender? they seem to be blending up pretty well..
do you have any special drinks for liver? I recently had to do a life insurance test & my liver came back elevated... I am not really sure what that means

you can always email me at

Krissa said...

I so wish I had a juicer...maybe I'll have to follow Kara's lead and look on craigslist...or maybe we just take a trip to visit you and you make it for us! :)

Andrea said...

Krissa, if you are going to drive all the way here, I will make you as much Apple Juice as you can drink! So fun to see you this weekend, wish we lived closer!

devis said...

I will make you as much Apple Juice as you can drink!

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krylon indoor outdoor paint said...

I totally remember you making that juice in college!

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The benefit of fresh juices in our body is incredible amazing! This recipe is one of the healthiest! I like the you combined apple and spinach.. great! Yum!Yum!Yum! Keep it up girl. Looking forward for more of your recipes.

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