Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cooking Night #2

This cooking night will be postponed until August, I will post another night again soon once summer schedules slow down! See you soon!
If anyone is feeling like another girls night out cooking demo- let me know! My mother-in-law offered her kitchen again, so if you are available next Tuesday Night (July 21st) at 6 p.m. let me know and we'll plan out an evening! If you want to join in, leave me a comment to let me know and also tell me what dish you want to try! 
Thanks, ~Andrea


Mama G said...

i wish i lived closer! it looks like so much fun!

Agnes said...

I wish I could...but we're out of town for the summer. Maybe next time. I think I found your blog through Eliza, although I've known your husband's family for years.

I LOVE your kale smoothie idea...we make it all the time (today, in fact). I've also tried the Thai Chicken Wraps and look forward to trying other recipes. Even on days that I don't use what you've posted, I'm always inspired to use more vegetables in our meals! So thanks!

Once we're back in town and at work I'm going to have to work on meal planning...