Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Green Veggie Salad

So, someone asked me... "what are the basics you put in your daily, average green salad" so I thought I would jot it down in a post. My mama and sister make wonderful salads, I guess you can say we are a salad loving family- actually on both sides because my sister-in-law Gelayol makes a mean one too-- so here are some ideas that we all use that you might enjoy for your next side salad to add to any meal.

Ingredients for a staple salad in my house:
Red Cabbage
Carrots, shredded or chopped
bell pepper
roasted almond slices
dried cranberries
balsamic dressing

Random Ingredients I would throw in if I had them in the fridge:
kale, ripped into small pieces
red onion, sliced thin
green onions
broccoli florets
snap peas, chopped
sunflower seeds
sesame seeds

Remember to think of how flavors blend, I wouldn't throw all those nuts & seeds in their together, nor would I put apple with bell pepper. A great combo if using apple: lettuce, carrots, apple, avocado, celery, sunflower seeds, & balsamic dressing. Mix and Match to see what you like best!

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